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close this section of the library04. Human Rights and Humanitarian Law
open this document and view its contentBasic Rules of International Humanitarian Law (ICRC; 26 pages)
open this document and view its contentCharte humanitaire et normes minimales à respecter lors des interventions en cas de catastrophe (The Sphere Project; 2000; 326 pages) [EN] [ES]
open this document and view its contentEl Proyecto de la Esfera - Carta Humanitaria y Normas Mínimas de Respuesta Humanitaria en Casos de Desastre (FISCR, The Sphere Project; 2000; 328 paginas) [EN] [FR]
open this document and view its contentThe Sphere Project - Humanitarian Charter and Minimum Standards in Disaster Response (IFRC, The Sphere Project; 2000; 330 pages) [FR] [ES]

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