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On this page the documents are listed according to the organizations involved in their publication, including authors, publishers and sponsors. Select the icon of an organization to view the concerned documents. Click on a document icon to view the full document. When a publication is also available in PDF format, please click on the PDF icon to access the PDF version.
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close this section of the libraryRoll Back Malaria (RBM)
open this document and view its contentMalaria Epidemics, Detection and Control Forecasting and Prevention (RBM, WHO; 1998; 90 pages)
open this document and view its contentPrevention and Control of Malaria Epidemics - 3rd Meeting of the Technical Support Network (RBM, WHO; 2002; 28 pages)
open this document and view its contentThe Roll Back Malaria Advocacy Guide (RBM, WHO; 2000; 58 pages)

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