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On this page readers can obtain a listing of documents classified by keywords. Click on the bookshelf icon of a keyword to obtain the concerned documents or to return to the main list of keywords. When a publication is also available in PDF format, please click on the PDF icon to access the PDF version.
close this section of the libraryHealth personnel handbooks
open this document and view its contentCoping with Natural Disasters: The Role of Local Health Personnel and the Community: Working guide (WHO; 1989; 108 pages) [ES]
open this document and view its contentHealth toolkit (UNHCR; 2001; 156 pages)
open this document and view its contentThe Interagency Emergency Health Kit 2006 - Medicines and Medical Devices for 10,000 People for Approximately 3 Months - An Interagency Document (WHO; 2006; 88 pages) View the PDF document
open this document and view its contentManagement of Severe Malnutrition: A Manual for Physicians and other Senior Health Workers (WHO; 1999; 60 pages)

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