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close this bookA Guide to the Development of on-site Sanitation (WHO; 1992; 246 pages)
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open this folder and view contentsPart III. Planning and development of on-site sanitation projects
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Selected WHO publications of related interest


(Sw. fr.)

Technology for water supply and sanitation in developing countries.


Report of a WHO Study Group.
WHO Technical Report Series, No. 742, 1987 (38 pages)



Guidelines for the safe use of wastewater and excreta in agriculture and aquaculture. D. Mara & S. Cairncross.


1989 (194 pages)



Health guidelines for the use of wastewater in agriculture and aquaculture.


Report of WHO Scientific Group.
WHO Technical Report Series, No. 778, 1989 (74 pages)



Guidelines for planning community participation activities in water supply and sanitation projects. A. Whyte.


WHO Offset Publication, No. 96, 1986 (53 pages)



Improving environmental health conditions in low-income settlements. A community-based approach to identifying needs and priorities.


WHO Offset Publication, No. 100, 1987 (68 pages)



Appropriate technology for the treatment of wastewaters for small rural communities.


Report on a WHO Meeting.
EURO Reports and Studies, No. 90, 1985 (62 pages)



Low-cost water supply and sanitation technology: pollution and health problems.


SEARO Regional Health Papers, No. 4, 1984 (40 pages)



Surface water drainage for low-income communities.


1991 (93 pages)



Health education in the control of schistosomiasis.


1990 (61 pages)



The impact of development policies on health. A review of the literature. D. E. Cooper Weil et al.


1990 (174 pages)


Further information on these and other WHO publications can be obtained from Distribution and Sales, World Health Organization, 1211 Geneva 27, Switzerland.


* Prices in developing countries are 70% of those listed here.


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