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close this bookEmergency Supplementary Feeding Programmes - Good Practice Review 2 (ODI; 1995; 122 pages)
View the document1. Objectives and Intended Audience
open this folder and view contents2. Emergency Supplementary Feeding Programmes: Principles and Context
open this folder and view contents3. Starting and Stopping Emergency SFPs
open this folder and view contents4. Programme Design
open this folder and view contents5. Monitoring and Evaluation
open this folder and view contents6. Typical Scenarios
View the documentAnnex 1: Key emergency supplementary feeding programme guidelines
View the documentAnnex 2: Checklist for determining whether and how to implement an emergency SFP in the absence of adequate general rations
View the documentAnnex 3: Checklist of questions to determine whether to implement an on-site or dry take-home emergency SFP
View the documentAnnex 4: Checklist of questions to identify and prioritise the most appropriate target groups for emergency SFPs
View the documentAcronyms

Emergency Supplementary Feeding Programmes - Good Practice Review 2

Relief and Rehabilitation Network


Jeremy Shoham

December 1994

This review is intended to stimulate discussion as to what constitutes 'good practice' in the field of emergency supplementary feeding programmes. Comments are therefore welcomed as are suggestions of actual examples which illustrate particular contexts and practices. Comments should be sent to:


Relief and Rehabilitation Network
Overseas Development Institute
Portland House
Stag Place
London SW1E 5DP
United Kingdom

Subsequent versions of this review will, at the editor's discretion, take account of comments and suggestions received.

ISBN: 0-85003-217-2

© Overseas Development Institute, London, 1995

Photocopies of all or part of this publication may be made providing that the source is acknowledged. Requests for commercial reproduction of Network material should be directed to ODI as copyright holders. The Network Coordinator would appreciate receiving details of any use of this material in training, research or programme design, implementation or evaluation.

Good Practice Review

Emergency Supplementary Feeding Programmes

Jeremy Shoham, Lecturer at the Nutrition Centre of the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine was the lead author of this review. Three other specialists with different backgrounds and representing different perspectives served as 'a peer group' providing comments on a draft of the text. The members of the peer group were: Fabienne Vautier, Nurse-Nutritionist for Médecins sans Frontières - Belgique, Helen Young, Nutritional Consultant and Dee O'Connell, Programme Officer for East Africa for Save the Children Fund. The support and helpful comments of the peer group are gratefully acknowledged. Editorial support was provided by John Borton, RRN Coordinator and Margaret Cornell. Nathalie Vegezzi was responsible for layout and production. The French version was translated by Jean Lubbock.


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