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close this bookGuidelines for the Use of Iron Supplements to Prevent and Treat Iron Deficiency Anaemia (INACG, UNICEF, WHO; 1998; 46 pages)
View the documentPreface
View the documentAcknowledgments
View the documentAbout INACG
View the documentBackground
View the documentPurpose of These Guidelines
View the documentOverview of Interventions for Controlling Iron Deficiency Anemia
View the documentSelecting and Prioritizing Interventions
View the documentGuidelines for Iron Supplementation to Prevent Iron Deficiency Anemia
View the documentGuidelines for Treatment or Referral of Severe Anemia in Primary Care Settings
View the documentFrom Guidelines to Programs
View the documentWhere to Go for More Help and Information
View the documentSelected Bibliography
View the documentAppendix A. Percentage and amount of iron in some commonly used iron compounds
View the documentAppendix B. Examples of materials used in iron supplementation programs
View the documentAppendix C. Addresses and World Wide Web sites for international agencies engaged in the control of iron deficiency anemia
View the documentAppendix D. Some sources of supplements and other supplies for iron supplementation programs

Guidelines for the Use of Iron Supplements to Prevent and Treat Iron Deficiency Anaemia

Rebecca J. Stoltzfus Michele L. Dreyfuss

International Nutritional Anemia Consultative Group (INACG)
World Health organization (WHO)
United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF)

The use of trade names and commercial sources in this document is for purposes of identification only, and does not imply endorsement by the International Life Sciences Institute (ILSI). In addition, the views expressed herein are those of the individual authors and/or their organizations, and do not necessarily reflect those of ILSI.

For additional information contact: International Nutritional Anemia Consultative Group (INACG), c/o ILSI Human Nutrition Institute, 1126 Sixteenth Street, NW, Washington, DC 20036-4810, USA. Phone: 202-659-0789; Fax: 202-659-3617; Email: omni@ilsi.org.

Library of Congress Catalog Card Number: 98-72345

International Life Sciences Institute
1126 Sixteenth Street, N. W.
Washington, D. C. 20036-4810

ISBN 1-57881-020-5
Printed July 1998 in the United States of America


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