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close this bookCommunicable Disease Control in Emergencies - A Field Manual (WHO; 2005; 308 pages) View the PDF document
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open this folder and view contents3. SURVEILLANCE
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Edited by Máire Connolly, WHO/CDS.

Rick Brennan (IRC), Philippe Calain (WHO/CDS), Michelle Gayer (WHO/CDS), Tim Healing (Merlin), Myriam Henkens (MSF), Jean Long (Trinity College, Dublin), Serge Male (UNHCR), Pamela Mbabazi (WHO/CDS), Agostino Paganini (UNICEF), Jean Rigal (MSF), Mike Ryan (WHO/CSR), Peter Salama (CDC), Paul Spiegel (CDC), Mike Toole (Macfarlane Burnet Centre for Medical Research and Public Health) and Ron Waldman (Mailman School of Public Health, Columbia University) contributed extensively to the development of this manual.

The following people contributed to the development and review of this document and their input is gratefully acknowledged:

Samira Aboubaker (WHO/CAH), Nathalie Agata (WHO/Ethiopia), Roberta Andraghetti (WHO/CSR), Ray Arthur (WHO/CSR), O. Babu-Swai (UNHCR, Kenya), Andrew Ball (WHO/HIV), Claudio Beltramello (WHO/CPE), Sylvie Briand (WHO/CPE), Nan Buzard (Sphere Project), Claire-Lise Chaignat (WHO/CPE), Claire Chauvin (WHO/IVB), Denis Coulombier (WHO/CSR), Charles Delacollette (WHO/RBM), Mike Deppner (UNHCR, Uganda), Philippe Desjeux (WHO/CPE), Hans Everts (WHO/IVB), Albis Francesco Gabrielli (WHO/CPE), Bernardus Ganter (WHO/EURO), Antonio Gerbase (WHO/HIV), Robin Gray (WHO/EDM), Tom Grein (WHO/CSR), Malgosia Grzemska (WHO/STB), Pierre Guillet (WHO/CPE), Zoheir Hallaj (WHO/EMRO), Max Hardiman (WHO/CSR), Christopher Haskew (WHO/CPE), Mary Healy (Trocaire, Ireland), Ana Maria Henao-Restrepo (WHO/IVB), Brad Hersh (WHO/IVB), David Heymann (WHO/CDS), Gottfried Hirnschall (WHO/HIV), Jose Hueb (WHO/PHE), Yvan Hutin (WHO/IVB), Jean Jannin (WHO/CPE), Vijay Kumar (WHO/SEARO), Joël Lagoutte (ICRC, Geneva), Daniel Lavanchy (WHO/CSR), Dominique Legros (Epicentre), Alessandro Loretti (WHO/HAC), Paul Lusamba-Dikassa (WHO/AFRO), Chris Maher (WHO/Polio), Frédérique Marodon (WHO/CPE), Adelheid Marschang (IFRC), Zahra Mirghani (UNHCR), Lulu Muhe (WHO/CAH), Mike Nathan (WHO/CPE), Maria Neira (WHO/CPE), Hitoshi Oshitani (WHO/WPRO), Brian Pazvakavambwa (WHO/HIV), William Perea (WHO/CSR), Pierre Perrin (ICRC), Aafje Rietveld (WHO/RBM), Guénaël Rodier (WHO/CSR), Cathy Roth (WHO/CSR), Maria Santamaria (WHO/CSR), Akihiro Seita (WHO/EMRO), Khalid Shibib (WHO/ HAC), Eigil Sorensen (WHO/DPRKorea), John Tabayi (UNHCR, Ethiopia), Nadia Teleb (WHO/EMRO), Jan Theunissen (WHO/EURO), Michel Thuriaux (WHO/CSR), A. Tijtsma (UNHCR), Kaat Vandemaele (WHO/CSR), Claude de Ville de Goyet (WHO/ PAHO), Zita Weise Prinzo (WHO/NHD), Brad Woodruff (CDC), Nevio Zagaria (WHO/CPE).

WHO would like to thank the Government of Ireland for its support in the development of this manual.


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