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close this bookCounting and Identification of Beneficiary Populations in Emergency Operations (ODI; 1997; 110 pages)
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Counting and Identification of Beneficiary Populations in Emergency Operations

by John Telford

edited by
Laura Gibbons and Koenraad Van Brabant

September 1997



This Review is intended to stimulate discussion as to what constitutes ‘good practice’ in the field of counting and identification of beneficiary populations in emergency operations: including registration as one of a number of alternative methods. Comments are therefore welcomed, as are suggestions of actual examples which illustrate particular contexts and practices. Comments should be sent to:

Relief and Rehabilitation Network
Overseas Development Institute
Portland House
Stag Place
London SW1E 5DP
United Kingdom
Tel: +44 (0) 171 393 1674/47
Fax: +44 (0) 171 393 1699
Email: rrn@odi.org.uk
Web site: http://www.oneworld.org/odi/rrn/

A copy will be sent to the author.

Comments received may be used in future Newsletters.

Subsequent versions of this Review will, at the Coordinator’s discretion, take account of comments and suggestions received.

ISBN: 0-85003-253-0

Price per copy:


£ 10.00 (excluding postage and packing)
(£7.50 for 10 or more copies)

© Overseas Development Institute, London, 1997

Photocopies of all or part of this publication may be made providing that the source is acknowledged. Requests for commercial reproduction of Network material should be directed to ODI as copyright holders. The Network Coordinator would appreciate receiving details of any use of this material in training, research or programme design, implementation or evaluation.


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