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close this bookEmergency Contraceptive Pills (WHO; 1998; 44 pages)
View the documentEmergency Contraceptive Pills: What you need to know
View the documentA Resource Packet for Health Care Providers and Programme Managers
View the documentAdapting Resource Packet Materials for Local Use
View the documentSelected References
View the documentA Framework for Introduction
View the documentQuestions and Answers for Decision-Makers
View the documentMessage Points for Use in Training Media Spokespersons
View the documentTalking Points for Spokespersons Responding to Opposition
open this folder and view contentsEmergency Contraceptive Pills: Medical and Service Delivery Guidelines
View the documentAbout the Consortium for Emergency Contraception

Emergency Contraceptive Pills

Consortium for Emergency Contraception

Concept Foundation

International Planned Parenthood Federation

Pacific Institute for Women’s Health

Pathfinder International

Population Services International

Program for Appropriate Technology in Health

WHO Special programme of Research, Development and Research Training in Human Reproduction

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