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Access to HIV/AIDS-related drugs
Addressing gender-based violence
Anti-personnel landmines
ARV treatment in developing countries
Assessing disaster preparedness in the health sector
Assessing nutritional status

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Basic malaria microscopy
Basic newborn resuscitation
Beneficiary populations in emergency operations

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Care of affected and infected children
The caregiver in normal birth
Causes of anaemia
Causes of maternal death
Children and families affected by HIV/AIDS
Children with HIV/AIDS
Clinical management of abortion complications
Clinical management of survivors of rape
Clinical manifestations of trauma in young children
Clinical transfusion procedures
Clinical use of blood
Communicable disease surveillance
Community participation in the disaster-management cycle
The concept of integrated learning
The concept of integrated teaching
Control of communicable disease after disaster
Control of tuberculosis in prisons
Controlled medicines for emergency medical care
Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination against Women (CEDAW)
Coping with natural disasters
Cost analysis in primary health care
Cross-frontier transfer of pharmaceutical waste
Custodial psychiatric hospitals in conflict situations

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Decision-making for emergency preparedness
Dengue surveillance and mosquito control
Development of on-site sanitation
Diagnosis of tuberculosis in children
Disaster mitigation and the environment
Disaster mitigation for health facilities
Disaster mitigation in drinking water and sewerage systems
Disaster reduction initiatives
Disinfection of medical facilities
Disposal of dead bodies

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Educational handbook for health personnel
Emergencies and disasters in drinking water supply and sewerage systems
Emergency and Humanitarian Assistance Programme
Emergency contraceptive pills
Emergency health management after natural disaster
Emergency supplementary feeding programmes
Emergency vector control after natural disaster
Environmental health in emergencies and disasters
Environmental health management
Environmentally-induced population displacements
Epidemiologic surveillance and disease control
Epidemiological risk of dead bodies in areas with endemic diseases
Epidemiology of earthquakes
Essential community child health care
Essential elements of obstetric care
Establishing a mass casualty management system
Evaluating a health personnel training programme
Examination of the newborn infant
Extended Delivery Point (EDP)
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