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Laboratory procedures in clinical bacteriology
Lower respiratory tract infections

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Malaria early warning systems
Malnutrition and communicable diseases
Malnutrition in adolescents and adults
Management of dead bodies in disaster situations
Management of severe and complicated malaria
Management of sexually transmitted infections
Management of temporary settlements and refugee camps
Management of women at high risk
Managing complications in pregnancy and childbirth
Managing water for agriculture
Manual procedures and monitoring labour
Medical Radiological Research Center
Medical response to natural disasters
Mental health in emergencies
Mental health needs of refugees
Mine/UXO awareness message
Mitigating the effects of disaster on infrastructure
Modes of transmission of HIV/AIDS
Monitoring and evaluation of sexual gender violence programmes
Monitoring water quality
Myths and realities of management of dead bodies in disasters

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National Plan for HIV/AIDS Vaccine Development
National relief activities and assessment of health needs
National strategic planning
Needs in the health sector after floods and hurricanes
Notification of disappearance or death, and visual recognition of corpses

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Organization of medical care centers for disaster situations
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