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cerrar este libroRefugees and AIDS - What Should the Humanitarian Community Do? (WCRWC; 2002; 36 pages)
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Lois Jensen, UNDP

Blood: The virus can also be transmitted through blood and some other body fluids,3 especially when infected blood enters the blood system directly, as in a transfusion or when drug users share injecting equipment. There is a small risk of transmission in healthcare settings. In refugee situations, it is essential that all blood for transfusion is tested first, and that universal precautions are strictly followed with all patients and all used equipment.

Universal precautions are a set of safety measures designed to prevent the transmission of HIV and other infections from patient to patient, healthcare worker to patient and patient to healthcare worker. The guiding principle for the control of infection by HIV and other infections which may be transmitted through blood, blood products and body fluids is that all should be assumed to be potentially infectious.4

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