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cerrar este libroRefugees and AIDS - What Should the Humanitarian Community Do? (WCRWC; 2002; 36 pages)
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Changing Individual Behaviors


Strategies that relate to changing individual behaviors:

• Promote the development and dissemination of information, education and communication (IEC) materials for behavior change: posters, pamphlets, drama, puppet shows, song, radio, videos, newsletters, etc.

Messages might relate to safer sex practices (abstinence, use of condoms, fidelity, nonpenetrative sex); encouragement to seek treatment for STIs; and encouragement of respect and protection for women. The target audiences should include: peace-keeping forces, police, local military personnel, sex workers, their clients and youth. IEC materials are most effective if designed, produced and disseminated with the participation of their intended audience. Always pre-test IEC materials before production and distribution.

• Support peer education. Married and single women and men, teachers, youth and sex workers, among others, may be trained as peer educators.

• Facilitate education, awareness raising and advocacy by people living with HIV/AIDS.

• Ensure prevention counseling of STI patients by health workers.

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