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cerrar este libroRefugees and AIDS - What Should the Humanitarian Community Do? (WCRWC; 2002; 36 pages)
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Addressing Societal Context

Vedran Samanovic, UNDP

Strategies that relate to the societal context:

• Ensure broad community sensitization about HIV/AIDS for prevention awareness and to reduce the stigma that inhibits people from seeking services.

• Protect against sexual and gender-based violence.

• Provide opportunities for social activities for adults and youth, such as community leisure centers, choirs, sports activities, dancing, theater, youth groups and support groups for men and women.

• Train facilitators to conduct a series of community discussions using participatory learning and action exercises for community behavior and attitude changes.21

• If feasible, support income generating activities, particularly for women and men who want to leave sex work.

Srinivas Kuruganti, Freedom Foundation, Bangalore India

Protect against sexual violence

• Camp layout should be designed in consultation with refugees, including women, with due consideration of security issues.

• Ensure proper registration of all refugees, with special attention to female and child heads of households.

• Ensure female refugees’ access to camp services and essential goods, such as food, fuel and water.

• In collaboration with relevant local representatives, establish a committee to address the prevention of sexual violence.

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