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Essential Newborn Care: Report of a Technical Working Group

Distr. General

Family and Reproductive Health
Maternal and Newborn Health/Safe Motherhood

Report of a Technical Working Group
(Trieste, 25-29 April 1994)

Division of Reproductive Health (Technical support)
World Health Organization


This report summarizes the discussions of the Technical Working Group on elements of essential newborn care at home, health centre and hospital. It focuses on interventions for a live-born infant.

The document presents simple and effective interventions that are available and affordable, most of them at almost no cost, at all three levels of care.

Each of the interventions has been, or will be, described in more detail in separate documents.

Despite the simplicity of the interventions, recommendations may vary according to local conditions. Therefore this document should be used as a guide for action after adaptation.

© World Health Organization, 1996

This document is issued by the World Health Organization (WHO) for general distribution. All rights are reserved. Subject to due acknowledgement to WHO, this document may, however, be freely reviewed, abstracted, reproduced or translated, in part or in whole, provided that such is not done for or in conjunction with commercial purposes and provided that, if it is intended to translate or reproduce the entire work, or substantial portions thereof, prior application is made to the Maternal and Newborn Health/Safe Motherhood unit, World Health Organization, Geneva, Switzerland.

The views expressed in documents by named authors are solely the responsibility of those authors.

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