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Shared experiences in infant and young child feeding in emergencies

The following case studies were compiled in the course of an ENN/GIFA project on behalf of the Core group1 who are currently developing training materials for field staff working in infant feeding in emergencies2.

1 A group of agency personnel (UNICEF, UNHCR, WFP, WHO, ENN and IBFAN) committed to taking forward the process of improving practice in infant feeding in emergencies through the development and dissemination of appropriate training materials.

2 Infant Feeding in Emergencies, Module 1 for emergency relief staff. Draft material developed through collaboration of: WHO, UNICEF, LINKAGES, IBFAN, ENN and additional contributors. March 2001. Module 2, which consists of more technical guidance, is currently being developed and a draft version can be viewed (comments welcome) on the ENN website:

The case studies were generated through direct phone and email contact with field staff and individuals between February and May 2003.

This compilation does not advocate these experiences as best practice, but reflects reflect individual experiences in dealing with the reality of infant feeding in the field in varying, and challenging, contexts. This compilation also gives some insight into the wealth of experience that exists amongst field workers, much of which is not documented and whose value may be poorly appreciated. Considering this, it was felt that they should be shared with a wider audience both to inform and challenge current programming, and to encourage others to share experiences of their own, e.g. Field Exchange, NutritionNET.

Finally, many thanks are due to the agency staff, field workers and individuals who took the time to openly share their experiences. The case studies have been invaluable to the Core group in not only gathering field experiences to support technical guidance, but also in challenging current guidance and recommendations and identifying gaps that exist. It is hoped that the second training module will help to fill some of these.

Any comments, feedback or shared experiences can be posted on NutritionNET ( or emailed to ENN (



Action Contre le Faim


Corn Soya Blend


Emergency Nutrition Network


Geneva Infant Feeding Association


Low birth weight


Medecins sans Frontieres


Nutrition Referral Centre


supplementary feeding programme


supplementary feeding centre


therapeutic feeding centre


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