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fermer ce livreWater and Sanitation in Emergencies - Good Practice Review 1 (ODI; 1994; 120 pages)
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ouvrir ce répertoire et afficher son contenu2. Water and Sanitation in the Context of Environmental Health
ouvrir ce répertoire et afficher son contenu3. The Operating Environment: General Considerations
ouvrir ce répertoire et afficher son contenu4. The Operating Environment: Needs Assessment, Co-ordination and Contingency Planning
ouvrir ce répertoire et afficher son contenu5. Water: General Principles
ouvrir ce répertoire et afficher son contenu6. Sanitation: General Principles
ouvrir ce répertoire et afficher son contenu7. Typical Scenarios
Afficher le documentAnnex 1 - Further Resources
Afficher le documentAnnex 2 - Useful Contacts and Addresses
Afficher le documentAnnex 3 - Technical Guidelines
Afficher le documentAnnex 4 - Checklist for Environmental Health Needs Assessment
Afficher le documentAnnex 5 - Practical Ways to Prevent the Spread of Cholera
Afficher le documentAnnex 6 - A Gender Checklist for Environmental Health Actions
Afficher le documentAnnex 7 - Chlorine as a Water Disinfectant
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Water and Sanitation in Emergencies - Good Practice Review 1

Andrew Chalinder

June 1994

Relief and Rehabilitation Network

This review is intended to stimulate discussion as to what constitutes 'good practice' in the field of emergency water and sanitation. Comments are therefore welcomed as are suggestions of actual examples which illustrate particular contexts and practices. Comments should be sent to:

Relief and Rehabilitation Network
Overseas Development Institute
Portland House
Stag Place
London SW1E 5DP
United Kingdom

Tel: +44 (0) 171 393 1674/47/40
Fax: +44 (0) 171 393 1699

Web site:

A copy of all comments received will be sent to the author. Subsequent versions of this Review will, at the Coordinator's discretion, take account of comments and suggestions received. Comments received may be used in future Newsletters.

ISSN: 1353-873-X

Price per copy:

£10.00 (excluding postage and packing)


(£7.50 to RRN members or for 10 or more copies)

© Overseas Development Institute, London, 1994. Reprinted 1999.

Photocopies of all or part of this publication may be made providing that the source is acknowledged. Requests for commercial reproduction of Network material should be directed to ODI as copyright holders. The Network Coordinator would appreciate receiving details of any use of this material in training, research, programme design, implementation or evaluation.

Good Practice Review

Water and Sanitation in Emergencies

Andrew Chalinder, an emergency water and sanitation programme manager who has worked for Oxfam in several relief operations, was the lead author of this review. Four other water and sanitation specialists with different backgrounds and experiences and representing different agency perspectives served as a 'peer group' providing comments on the first draft of the text. The members of the peer group were: Jan Davies a consultant who recently co-authored a book on community water supplies, Georgio Nembrini, head of the Water and Sanitation Department in the International Committee of the Red Cross, Paul Smith-Lomas, Emergency Technical Adviser for Oxfam, and John Griffiths who was formerly employed by UNICEF and was involved in emergency water and sanitation programmes in Cambodia, Thailand, Bangladesh and India. A member of the technical staff of Médecins Sans Frontières - France was unfortunately unable to provide comments due to other emergency commitments. The support and helpful comments of the peer group are gratefully acknowledged. Editorial support was provided by John Borton, RRN Co-ordinator and Margaret Cornell. Véronique Goëssant was responsible for layout and production. The French version was translated by Jean Lubbock and Véronique Goëssant.


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